DNA Testing for Health Info

1Genetics have come a long way in recent years and scientists have developed practical applications for the new science in ways which are very real and accessible for individuals. One of the potential ways that genetics have invaded the lives of individuals is through dna testing for health issues.

What is DNA Health Testing for Individuals?

DNA testing for individuals allow, with the simple submittal of a blood or saliva sample, a detailed profile of your genetic history, disease susceptibility, and the presence of individual diseases which you may be prone to or have recessive genes for. Ancestral history can identify the locations where your family history originates and can highlight some genetic predisposition to certain diseases. Health DNA testing can also provide you with an identification of genes that may make it more likely for you to have one disease or another. In addition, health DNA testing can identify which genetic diseases you have or have recessive genes for.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Have Health DNA Testing Done?

If you are considering getting married and having children it is a good idea to have DNA health screening done so that you can identify which diseases, you may have genes for. Many people have recessive genes for illnesses like sickle cell anemia or beta thalassemia which can be transmitted to their children if their partner is also a carrier of the gene. This couple can then decide whether they want to assume the risk of having a child together who may have a high chance of having an illness. Health DNA screening can identify predispositions to certain illnesses and allow individuals to take corrective actions in their lifestyles to reduce the chance of these illnesses occurring. As an example, those identified as being genetically prone to diabetes can watch their diet more closely while those with risk for prostrate cancer can concentrate on foods that help to avert that disease, or undergo more screenings to identify it early.


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