DNA Testing for Health


Where did I originate?

Where did you come from? This may seem to be a simple question since we have hopefully been taught all about biology and all that, but it’s not a simple question all the same. We all come from somewhere. Whether it is from Iceland where our grandfather migrated on the Mayflower, or if it’s your uncle from Italy more recently came to the USA, we all have an interesting and fascinating history.

What if…?

…I told you there was a way to find out where you came from? There sure is and it’s right within reach of everyone. You can have a DNA test, much like they do to establish paternity in children, done right in your own home! This one though, not only tells you where you come from (your ancestry) but it also screens for genetic risks for diseases. They even have tips for disease prevention.

What else does it do?

Technology has come a LONG way in detecting the tiny genetic markers of our DNA. Not only does it tell where you came from, but also the best exercises to do if you want to get fit or even the best skin care products to use! This is very useful if you are looking at skin care products and deciding what would be best. Skin care is a big thing for women and they are often confused by it.

That’s Awesome!

That’s Awesome, you say! Yes it is. It is remarkable! I’m sure your next question will be, how do I get one? This particular DNA kit is available online through many retailers. A lot of retailers can give you a percentage off of your kits and free shipping too. You just need to look around. Learn more information about dna testing for health come visit us at Geneticoncept.com.