Various DNA Health Tests Now Available Via GenetiConcept

With the great advances in science and technology in recent years, many people are becoming interested in taking DNA tests. And, honestly, why shouldn’t they? Since our genes are responsible for how our cells function, they naturally determine a great deal of our overall sense of wellness. Only a thorough DNA test can help us become more knowledgeable about certain risk factors present in our genetic code.

What Can DNA Tell Us?

While taking a deep look into our DNA cannot predict our future, it can certainly help us take care of our health with greater awareness. DNA tests offer scientific information on what diseases our bodies are more susceptible to. Different genes actually react to medicines and foods in very different ways, and taking a closer look at a person’s genetic structure can determine what pills and foods can cause adverse or allergic reactions. Some of the more popular personal DNA tests available today include looking into skin care, allergies, and overall wellbeing.

Painless Tests Now Available

DNA tests nowadays are totally painless. For example, when people order a kit from a DNA test company like GenetiConcept, they are sent an instruction manual and a test tube to spit in. This saliva sample is then sent through GenetiConcept’s genetic processing unit, powered by a state of the art Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 chip, to detect over 100,000 genetic markers. After the researchers have decoded the results of this test, the GenetiConcept report is sent back to the customer. This report can paint a vivid picture of a person’s susceptibility to over 100 diseases, potential allergies, overall neurotransmitter health, and even reveal fitness and diet strategies that can optimize a particular person’s athletic performance. Learn more about dna testing for health come visit us at